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Physical Landscapes

Above is a mini version of the 3D printed landscapes usually produced at a much larger scale. Each tile is printed from a digital elevation model and mosaiced together to form large 3D landscapes. the tiles are strong and lite, easily transportable and durable.  A short-throw projector is used for subsequent spatial data and geo-simulation projection.


Below is a 30 tile print (120 cm x 80 cm) produced for the Jawoyn Aboriginal land management corporation.


Most of these models in have been developed to support fire simulation models in the Northern Territory using both printed and sand based physical model.

Catchment Models

Water routing simulations over 3D surfaces provide a powerful way to convey hydrologic processes.

Noelmina catchment in west Timor (Indonesia)  as a 4 tile print. Shown here with shaded relief and elevation data-set projected onto the surface. The close up shows the print with a geo-simulation model of sediment flow rate over the top. This simulated potential impacts from mining within the catchment.
2018-10-27 15_43_52-3D Landscape Printin
The image below shows a large sand model of the same catchment. A workshop participant is using an infrared light pen to initiate points of flow.

Service access modelling

Simulating travel constraints in a 3D environment can help thinking through
strategic infrastructure devlopment.
A landscape of West Timor with a Travel time simulation model projected over the top. This is a tool for exploring health care access, emergency response and infrastructure development.
These models are displaying
a service access simulation model which changes travel time in relation to key environmetal varibles.
More on the service access simulation here.
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