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Fire management

Indigenous land management


Projected with savanna fire management simulations the .... the projection-augmented landscapes have captivated participants and allowed senior people to share lived experiences of fire on country with younger generations and non-Indigenous colleagues and teaching staff. Empowerment of indigenous knowledge in a field dominated by hard scientific data. Many of these applications have been conducted 'out-bush' at night under the star creating a 'digital campfire' bringing people in to discuss fire management.


Community Engagement

The models have been used by the Northern Territory Government Bushfires Council on the 2018 rural show circuit to explain fire management and across the N.T. Northern Savannas. A purpose-built darkroom was created within the government NRM tent to assist with engaging the public around best practice fire management.

Higher-Education Teaching

Student engagement in CDU field ecology classes through 3D gaming of complex fire management issues has been substantially increased through interactive and tangible engagement resulting in deep learning of fire ecology in a way that did not happen before the PAPL 

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