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Indigenous and local knowledge visualisation

Projection Augmented Landscape Models have been applied to the visualisation of traditional mapped knowledge for a range of land management sectors, including fire management, horticultural development and mine closure.

Recent projects have included the development of landscape for Ali-Curung and Mataranka in the Northern Territory for Centre Farm indigenous horticultural development organisation. The purpose of the landscapes are to display cultural knowledge collected through a larger Centre Farm project with Kim Mahood. The work with Kim involved indigenous traditional owners painting canvases with cultural knowledge, which was then incorporated into a digital map interface for projection.

Other work has included the development of a digital multimedia interface for a projection model of the Ranger mine rehabilitation landscape. This will be populated with video and photo content from the Mirrar traditional owners documenting their experience of the rehabilitation process.

Previous international applications have included supporting traditional agricultural knowledge in Mexico and local hunting knowledge in Cameroon.


Current projects include partnerships with; Kuku Yalangi Aboriginal crop and Queensland N.P.Parks supporting the development of the new $4.84 million Eastern Kuku Yalanjiwarra Culture, CSIRO/NAILSMA communicating the results of their feral monitoring program with Mimal, APN and Normanby indigenous land managers.

Southern Cameroon - discussing land use and traditional hunting practices

Mexico - discussing traditional agriculture and soil conservation

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