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modelling - design - animation
4D  tactile digital - interactive

White Sands

Making the digital Physical


Projection Augmented Landscape Models:  Sand or high-resolution 3D printed models are used as terrain surfaces over which projected spatial data, landscape process animations and simulations are displayed. The use of projection in combination with 3D landscapes adds interactivity and dynamism to spatial information. Simple, Robust and Scalable technology.

White Sheet

Physical 3D Models allow us to place ourselves in country facilitating landscape positioning and recognition.

Projected dynamic simulations add the time as another dimension – 4D


White Fabric


Decades of research has shown that we learn through multiple pathways of interaction.  Tactile,  physical models support multi-modal, multi-sensory engagement.

Physical, embodied learning works for everyone.

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Supporting  Local Knowledge

Through bringing digital tools and skills to life on traditional, country the application is building on existing meaning and enabling knowledge sharing of ancient and lived experience. The use of this technology has successfully addressed the issue of supporting the integration of western scientific data with traditional Indigenous knowledge.

The work showcased on this site won
 the 2018 Australian Financial Review

National Education  Technology Award

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